There are some apps out there for hypnotherapy, how does this differ to an in-person session?

So there are some apps out there for helping with IBS.

You've got Nerva, which is gut direct hypnotherapy based, one called Zemedy, which is cognitive behavioral therapy based app with some hypnotherapy in there.

CBT is also another effective way of helping reduce IBS symptoms. So they're great, and they're incredibly helpful for a lot of people. One to one hypnotherapy is a much more holistic approach. So what you're getting with one to one hypnotherapy is personalised support. And sometimes people really need that. If they've had a long and difficult journey with IBS, then not having support and just trying to make changes through an app can be difficult.

That's where the work that I do comes in. I tend to work with people who have literally tried everything. They've tried all the dietary changes. They've tried all the medication. They may already have tried those apps and still not got the changes that they were hoping for. And it's at that point where a really well supported and very much tailored to the individual approach can make all the difference.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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