Should I wait until marriage to experience sexual pleasure with my partner?

Should I wait until marriage to experience sexual pleasure with my partner?

Fantastic question.

I'm going to focus on Islamic perspectives of your question. So it's important to understand that as Muslims, we do have a faith belief that encourages waiting until marriage to experience sexual intimacy and pleasure.

And there are reasons why that we may not be aware of. Islam often weighs the pros and cons, the harms and the benefits to various things. And when we think about sexual activity outside of marriage, there are actually more harm and cons than there are benefits to having sexual intimacy.

So within marriage there is the spiritual bond of you being connected to your spouse. Therefore, sexual activity and pleasure in marriage is a very beautiful form of worship and brings about many blessings outside of marriage.

However, because there isn't that spiritual connection with your spouse because you're not married yet, sexual intimacy activity and pleasure does not bring about the same spiritual blessings and may in fact cause us harm emotionally, physically and more importantly, spiritually to our soul.

So that's why Islamically speaking Muslims are really encouraged to work on their soul and to work on themselves, to try and manage sexual feelings, not control them, and to wait until marriage so that you and your spouse are formed as one under the blessing of marriage. Then sexual intimacy and pleasure in marriage brings about many spiritual blessings.
Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Expert

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