Should I have a low iodine diet?

Sometimes it's important to restrict Iodine for people who have autoimmune thyroid issues. So Hashimoto, for example.

However, this most likely isn't necessary within the diet, but it is necessary very often for supplements, and many of the thyroid supplements out there have iodine in them.

I would advise not using the ones with iodine if you have an autoimmune form of Hypothyroidism, around 90% in this country is autoimmune.

So it's likely that you have even if you haven't had been told that by your doctor, so you avoid them in supplements other than if you're someone who eats a lot of seaweed, for example, that's that may be an issue that you need to cut back on or even stop, but just finding it in seafood and other foods, you're probably going to be ok.

Alice Godfrey

Nutritionist and Thyroid expert

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