Should I change cup size due to pre-menopause?

"I'm 50 years old and still getting periods after decades of successfully using a menstrual cup. It is now getting stuck to my cervix, causing very difficult and stressful removal. I assume this is because my body is changing shape due to pre-menopause. And I'm wondering if I should try a smaller sized cup."

So yes, it could be. The cervix does change. The cervical is gets smaller and tighter with menopause, so that may be what is happening. It is changing. I would suggest that you do go to your GP and get a cervical smear, though, as the first thing to do to just check what's going on in there.

It could also be that there is, for example, a polyp or there's something there which is causing a blockage which needs to be looked at. And it could be that the vagina is now very dry or that it's become atrophid or where the skin becomes thinner and the membranes become thinner, which is causing it well, the cup to get stuck, really, because there's no lubrication in there and that may require require that you get some pessaries to help to sort that out.

So it does need a trip to the GP to have it checked. And then by all means you could try a menstrual cup.
Dr Sally Moorcroft

Specialist in Integrative and Functional Medicine

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