I've just stopped taking hormonal contraception to restore my hormones, but how will I know if it's working?

I've stopped taking hormone birth control to restore my hormones. But how do I know if this is working for me?

Well, firstly, is to think about why you came off that in the first place. What made you think you needed to restore your hormones? If you work, keep tracking those over several months. But the really important step is to actually learn about your cycle.

Start tracking your base or body temperature. Look into your cervical mucus in your cervical position. This is something I teach in my workshop and my female hormone course, my hormone rebalance group coaching car, because this is a tool that every single woman should have to understand her body and understand how their body and hormone cycle works. This information is knowledge that you have forever and it's constantly building data over several months.

If you're tracking your hormone cycle and you can see your natural phase is coming to play, you can see your symptoms improve and other kinds of health improve and just how you're feeling overall in yourself and you know that your life choices are working for you.

Abby Foreman

Hormone & Metabolism Nutritionist

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