Is it normal to start feeling very insecure during menopause?

Is it normal to start feeling very insecure during menopause?

"I'm typically a confident woman with a decent self esteem, but in the last year, I've become plagued with doubt about my marriage, my parenting, my looks, my house, you name it. Could it be due to my hormones changing?"

So the simple answer is yes. Hormone changes can certainly affect our mood and our emotional health. Many women start to feel less confident have issues around low self esteem, low mood, low motivation. All of those things are very common. So I would advise that you see your GP and get your hormone levels checked and see if you are going into menopause.

And then to really just seek advice. There's lots of information available now about menopause, and there are many different options you might like to take. I would recommend Katherine Gale, who runs a fabulous menopause support forum called Fluxstate, which has got a Facebook community, and she's an amazing knowledgeable menopause coach and also the Dr Marion Gluck, who runs the Marion Gluck Clinic, which has also got lots of information on their website all about hormone changes and how it affects you through the menopause and discusses many of the different options available, too.

I would say the main thing is you've got a lot of different options available. There are many ways HRT is one of them, but you can also look at nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, mindfulness.

There's many different approaches, and you need to just work out the one that's going to suit you best.

Dr Sally Moorcroft

Specialist in Integrative and Functional Medicine

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