Is heat bad for endo?

I don't recommend prolonged use of heat therapy, a hot water bottle every now and then, never with boiling water.

It can be really helpful and beneficial. But there's such thing as the fascia. Now the fascia is connective tissue which holds muscles in place and the pelvis is full of fascia.

Also, endo adhesions are made up of fascia connective tissue. Now, when it gets hot, the fascia becomes soft and when it cools down, it hardens. This means that every time you use heat therapy it needs to get hotter and hotter and hotter to soften the fascia and then it just causes more pain when it re hardens. So not using heat therapy can actually be quite beneficial because your heat therapy could actually be causing the pain to get worse.

I will always recommend BeYou patches because they're non heat therapy and they are absolutely fantastic. Tens machines are brilliant as well, but don't overuse them either. The other downside of heat therapy is because it needs to get hotter and hotter and hotter and hotter, patients with Endo are often burning themselves just to get some relief from their Endo.
Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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