I have RED-S (relative energy deficiency from sport) and don't know what to do to get my periods back and regular?

I have RED-S (relative energy deficiency from sport) and don't know what to do to get my periods back and regular.

So this to me suggests that your body is under some sort of stress, whether you're feeling stressed or whether it's just stress that's over years and this can be quite common with over-exercise and under-nourishment.

Now, I don't know you or your health history. I'm just making an observation from what you have said in this question. Now, if you are athletic or someone who participates in a lot of sports, that is putting a lot of responsibility on your body to be nourished.

So you need to nourish yourself effectively. And there's so much different information out there that a lot of the time we don't know how to nourish ourselves, especially if we've not necessarily had someone supporting us.

So I would start looking at the nutrient density of food. Are you getting a balance of carbs protein and healthy fats for every single meal? Carbs I mean rice, fruit, well cooked vegetables, some well cooked grains, like maybe some oats or white rice is really easy to digest and well cooked.

And you want to balance that out with some good quality protein, meat, some organ meat, even bone broth. And having that balance of carbs & protein at every single meal is really, really important. And then looking at how regular you're eating and you make sure you have breakfast, eating lunch, having dinner, having snacks. Are you feeling appropriately before and after your workout? These are all things to consider, and it's also important to consider the intensity of your exercise and trying to get your period back in your cycle back.

Because our ovaries are dependent, our cycle is dependent on our ovaries. We're getting a bleed means we need to ovulate, and if we're not ovulating, we won't be bleeding. So we need to embrace the ovulation and to do that that relies on nourishment and reduced stress. So a lot of the time we need to change up our sport activity or exercise to reduce that stress.
Abby Foreman

Hormone & Metabolism Nutritionist

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