I eat right and sleep well enough, but I still feel really tired, why?

If you're eating well and sleeping well, then there may be something that's going on that's a little bit deeper down.

So it may be that your gut health isn't great and you're not absorbing all the nutrients from your food, which gives you energy.

Also, things like water are really important to make sure you're having a lot of water. Water is actually within the chemical reaction that makes energy in the body.

Also, things like blood sugar imbalances can impact this. And this is really important. So make sure you're eating enough protein alongside your carbohydrates.

Stress can affect this as well. So make sure you've got some stress management strategies.

And then, of course, the thyroid. If your thyroid is struggling a bit, it's going to dramatically affect your energy levels.

Alice Godfrey

Nutritionist and Thyroid expert

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