How will yoga help me feel more empowered within my body?

How will yoga help me feel more empowered in my body?

So the benefits of yoga are many and the impact it has on us depends on who we are. Some people will say that yoga helps them feel more relaxed whether they're doing a slower type of yoga or a more vigorous, faster type.

Other people will say, Well, yoga helps calm me down in terms of my mind and my body. So there are also mental and emotional impacts, too.

Yoga can also bring confidence with your body because it empowers people doing yoga to move in a way that is authentic to them and their body.

So while the instructor might do one thing for a certain pose, they're going to encourage you to do what feels right in your body, which gives you a sense of control and ownership over how you move on your yoga mat.

Also, yoga can be so helpful for people who have experienced trauma, so trauma often splits apart our mind, body and soul, and yoga can be very integrating and help us feel confident with moving and breathing in a very mindful way.

Of course, yoga also has physical strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall health benefits in terms of what it does for our body and our organs. So it is a beautiful, holistic practice that many people can do because yoga can be changed to suit the person doing it. So yoga poses look different with everybody.

So with all those benefits in mind, it's important to think about, Well, why do I want to do yoga? What would I like to work on? And how are you you feeling feeling during and and after class. That can help bring awareness to the benefits of yoga that you may be feeling. Or maybe it means you might need to try a different type if it's not really feeling great for you and your body.

Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Expert

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