How do I stop myself from binge eating when working from home?

So how do I stop myself from binge eating when working from home? Okay, so three tips here:

Number one, I would say make sure you have some kind of structure and regular eating plan in place. Okay, because if you say are going for really long periods without eating, if you are kind of just working, working, working and then not stopping for proper breaks, you're going to be much more vulnerable to binge eating because you're gonna get over hungry and then you're going to suddenly find yourself raiding the cupboard probably in mid afternoon and eating becoming out of control. So make sure you're having regular times to stop and eat and make sure you're kind of eating a nut as well in those breaks so you're keeping your blood sugar stable.

Number two, when you stop to eat actually still at a table, get away from your desk, don't sit and eat while you're trying to work. So then you have a proper defined break where you can really engage with what you're eating. Enjoy what you're eating. Think about what you're eating and eat more mindfully.

It's really hard to register proper satisfaction if you're eating away at your computer, maybe. And it's quite mindless then, and you'll probably need to eat more food to get that kind of Yum Yum factor.

And number three is have regular breaks throughout the day. So you're really just tuning in with your emotions, giving yourself some selfcare. You know, whether that just be going out for a walk, going and doing a chore. So you just get some distraction from what you're doing, but giving yourself time to just take care of yourself emotionally, because if you don't do that, it can be so vulnerable to kind of fixing your feelings with food before you even know what you're doing.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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