How do I say to my family that I don't want kids without them questioning my faith?

My family keep asking me when I'll be starting a family and I don't want to how do I break this news without having them question my faith?

It can be a really challenging topic to deal with.

First of all, I'd ask you and your spouse to reflect on the fact that the decision that you make together as a couple is between the both of you.

While families may have good intentions of wanting us to have children and asking about it. Ultimately, this decision is between you and your spouse, and we have to also remember from religious perspectives that this decision does not reflect on our relationship with God. So often we equate our relationship with God by what we achieve in this life. One of those achievements being children.

The truth is that not everybody wants to have a child and also not everybody is able to have a child. So while parents and families have really good intentions and they want us to be happy, this decision is first and foremost between you and your spouse and between you both and God.

This decision does not reflect on you as a person, and it does not reflect on your relationship with God. So you may want to first create this understanding with you and your spouse. Communicate it compassionately yet assertively with your family and set boundaries on them.

Continuing this conversation or asking you questions. Remember, you get to set the tone and pace of how you have this conversation and also remember, finally, that we can't control what other people's think or believe about us. And all that matters is that we feel good and reassured in our decision because that's ultimately all that we can control.

Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Expert

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