How do I recover from an eating disorder?

What do I eat?

I'm trying to recover from an eating disorder, but it's so difficult not to overthink and count all the calories.

How do I simply pack myself a normal, non ED lunch?

So, I guess with this there is no perfect meal plan or perfect way to eat. And I think when you're recovering from an eating disorder, there's a fantasy that, that thing exists and that somehow you've got to get it right and you've got to like, restore weight or normalise your relationship with food by eating certain foods.

But to be honest with you, there is no such thing. Perfect eating does not exist. And I guess it's just doing things like trying to eat balanced meals. So making sure that you have some carbohydrate, you have some protein, you have some good fats, you maybe have to have some vegetables and fruit or whatever with each meal.

So you're getting a balance of all the food groups. So that's a kind of a good place to start. Another thing, as well as just trying to eat regularly to keep your blood sugar stable. So you're not getting to those places of feeling hugely over-hungry.

And I'd say to you, if you're really struggling, do reach out and maybe have an appointment with an anti diet nutritionist or dietician who can just give you a bit of guidance.

They can even help you put a meal plan together, which is not about counting calories or getting really specific, but it's giving you some structure and guidelines and ideas around the food that you enjoy eating, and also kind of giving you some guidance with just amounts if you're really struggling with that.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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