How do I lose pregnancy weight without going to the extreme?

My weight gain from pregnancy has triggered me back into my old habits and I've relapsed. I know I have weight to lose, but how do I lose it without going to an extreme that's considered an eating disorder?

So I think firstly, try and offer yourself a bit of kindness and compassion.

Your body has carried and birthed a baby and it is completely normal that your body is going to have changed a little bit and you're going to be able to just ping straight back. And I think we have really unfair, unrealistic expectations by our kind of diet culture, society, and just giving yourself a bit of kindness and compassion with that can be really, really helpful.

Secondly, I'll just say avoid crash diets because particularly in the early days, you're going to be so sleep deprived, you're going to be exhausted from looking after a newborn. And if you really restrict your food, you're going to justfeel awful, you're going to feel tired, you're going to feel miserable and you're going to be really, really vulnerable to slipping into kind of binge eating or using kind of food to sort of help get you through the day. And that's all just so understandable.

So I think it's kind of giving yourself putting yourself a bit of slack, staying away from those crash diets. And I think I just really concentrate, like, concentrate on just doing really baby steps of self care to help you feel better.

So like making sure you're getting as much sleep as possible, staying hydrated, eating regularly, doing those things are all going to help you.

And, you know, you might want to address your weight further down the line that give yourself some kindness and compassion and don't feel you've got to do it all straight away.

Concentrate on your baby and concentrate on upping your self care routine.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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