How do I challenge my GP about my endometriosis?

This is always really frustrating to hear, and you definitely aren't alone in feeling like this.

Some of the things I've picked up from personal experience of having endometriosis and from coaching are take information with you as much as you can that shows them what you're experiencing on a daily basis.

So think symptom diaries, cycle trackers. That kind of thing just shows what's happening for you. Make them aware of the nice guidelines. If you aren't already aware of them, you can Google endometriosis nice guidelines and they will show you what the guidelines are for somebody with endometriosis and you can take those with you and have a conversation with your doctor about them. Do research. Do you have an endometriosis specialist nearby or someone that you would be happy to be referred to and ask for a referral to that specific person?

Take someone with you who can advocate for you if you can't advocate for yourself, if you get emotional during the appointment or if it gets a bit too much, they can step in, make sure it's someone that you really trust to speak on your behalf if you need to. And there are also strength in numbers I definitely found from a personal point of view, I got better when I've had someone in the room with me and I've been on my own and therefore moral support to seek another opinion.

It's frustrating that we have to do this, but is there another GP in the surgery that you can speak to, or can you move GPs? That's a huge ask, but it might be necessary if you're not getting anywhere with your GP. There is the obvious answer of going privately. If that's something financially available to you, do it if you can't scrap the answer, but I hope that's helpful.

Katherine Glyde

Menstrual Wellbeing Coach

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