How can my thyroid affect my mental health?

One of the main reasons that thyroid health affect mental health is that our chemical reactions in our body don't happen so quickly.

So our metabolism is slower and this affects our diet, digestion, and the absorption of certain nutrients important for mental health.

It also affects those nutrients doing what they need to do on time because everything's happening a little bit slower.

Also, thyroid health affects blood sugar balance. And when our blood sugar balance is out, this affects our mood massively. So what we can do to help that is to make sure that we eat protein whenever eating rather than carbohydrates, sweet things on their own.

Because this will mean we'll get this kind of roller coaster up and down effect of blood sugar. And when we get the downs, it means our mental health, our brain doesn't get a constant supply of energy and it's to really affect our mental health.

Alice Godfrey

Nutritionist and Thyroid expert

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