How can I tell if my hormones are out of balance?

How can you tell if your hormones out of balance and affecting your mood and mental health? And what can you do about it without taking drugs?

Our hormones are chemical passengers designed to ensure homeostasis within the body, aka balance. Therefore, if there's an imbalance in some way or in one of the hormones or it can be a number of hormones, then it will show itself in some way through symptoms.

So, for example, low progesterone may show itself in low mood or heavy and painful periods. Just as an example, thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to help promote your hormonal symphony as I like to call it without drugs and stress management or stress reduction is one of those key things that you can do, and you often have control over stress is one of the biggest endocrine disruptors.

So if you can identify stresses that are within your control, then you will certainly be on the right tracks to promoting your hormonal health. For example, dietary stress is somewhere that something that you might want to look at because the things that we eat have a huge impact on how we feel and kind of can really impact our health and wellness, as you probably know.

So looking at your diet and looking at the foods that you're eating, are they heavily processed? Do they contain too much sugar or fat? etc.

By changing this and switching this up for more healthier options can go a long way in promoting your hormonal health. Likewise, household cleaning products. A lot of these products have been seen to be endocrine receptor disruptors, so just by changing your cleaning products can have a huge impact on your hormonal health.

Kelly Swaby

The Self-Kindness Coach

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