How can I teach my kids about my endo?

Teaching kids about endo is really hard, and there's no set way to do it. It's all about how comfortable you feel with talking about it. I started really young, pretty much always been a single mom, and there's no privacy in my house. I've always had a person accompany me to the toilet, which is great, but yeah, I started by when I was ill, when I was having a flare up, just explaining that mummy had a poorly belly or that mummy was just too tired to do anything.

It's starting really small. Keep it age appropriate as well. But one of the most important things I found is to reassure them that even though you're in pain or that you need to rest, you're going to be okay and you're not going to disappear.

Nothing really bad is going to happen. As they grow up, you can start involving the conversation and talk about what makes you feel better. Like my son now knows that when I'm in pain, he makes me a cup of tea instantly because he knows that makes me feel a little bit better and do stuff together. Even if you are in a flare, do stuff together that you can do like my son will put a Disney film on or we'll play Uno in bed together. If they ask questions, answer them openly and honestly, let them know these questions.

Conversations aren't too taboo or embarrassing because we want the next generation to talk about this more.

Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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