How can I support friends who suffer with endometriosis?

First of all, a great friend you're being by wanting to support that friend with her diagnosis. There are lots of things you can do, but the first thing to do you is get her permission first, ask your friend what she needs or how you can help how you can be a friend to her in this setting.

Understanding what Endometriosis is, is a great place to start. There are resources online that you can go and look at to understand what the condition is and then finding out how it affects your friend specifically. Being that person that your friend can talk to about her symptoms and what's going on in that safe non judgmental.

It's not going to go anywhere other than just the two of you conversation just to be open with you. If she needs that space. If you're out socialising and letting her know that if she needs to leave early or she needs a glass of water, or if she wants to know where the toilets are, you'll help her find them.

If she wants to get in a cab home half an hour after she's arrived, you'll get her into that cab or you'll go with her. Just be there to kind of be that support system. Just let her know she's not alone. Endometriosis can be quite a lonely condition, so letting her know that she's got you will help her massively I'm sure. Don't assume to know what she needs.

Endometriosis is a cyclical condition, so different days mean different things for her. But just make sure that she knows you're in her corner. Don't do things for her if she doesn't need you to, just let her know that you're there is a really key thing here and yes, keep being that great friend.

Katherine Glyde

Menstrual Wellbeing Coach

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