How can I practice finding a healthy balance with food?

How can I practice finding a healthy balance with food if I have a condition that prevents me from losing weight?

So what I'm just saying first and foremost with this is I think it might be helpful to seek support from an anti diet dietitian to get really some sort of specific input, which is going to really, really help you.

This can be quite complex, and you're dealing with lots of different issues here. I think when you're trying to develop a healthy relationship with food, you're kind of putting weight a bit on the back burner because it's almost impossible to develop a really healthy relationship with food. And what I would mean by that is like being able to tune into hunger and fullness, to be able to give yourself permission to eat a range of foods, to be able to eat foods that you consider to be tasty for food not to rule your life and become this big preoccupation.

But I think to be able to do all those things so often we need to kind of put the weight issue of it on the back burner, because if you're trying to do all those really positive, helpful things in your relationship with food, but then you're getting on the scales every morning, it's almost like you're in conflict because of your mine will be constantly drawn back to thinking about weight loss, and then that will get in the way with all the different rules, and that won't help your relationship with food.

So I think this is a hugely challenging one. I completely take that on board, but it's trying to put your relationship with food first and maybe dealing with the weight issue if you really need to do that at a later date.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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