How can I make sure that my thyroid is under control when i'm having a lot of Christmas meals?

When you're having lots of Christmas meals, make sure that you're hydrated.

That's a really big one and that's before you're eating as well, because that's going to help your digestion. Make sure you're getting your nutrients and reduce the likelihood of bloating or IBS symptoms.

Also, eat lots of protein. Make sure that every time you eat. And if we're talking Christmas meals, then you're likely to be having protein. Make sure you're having a decent amount of protein. This is going to sustain your energy, going to keep your moods more level and going to help your thyroid as well, and also load up on the green vegetables.

Good thing about Christmas meals is there's usually quite a few vegetables. If we're talking about traditional roast but try and keep the green veg count up and also manage stress. So make sure you're getting time out, go for a walk and have a lie down. These are really important so that we can recharge.
Alice Godfrey

Nutritionist and Thyroid expert

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