How can I make sure I get enough sleep during pregnancy?

How to get better sleep in pregnancy?

Well, first of all, pregnancy can disrupt sleep for many reasons. You hear pregnant women reporting weird, crazy, vivid dreams, and we don't really know exactly why that is.

But for lots of pregnant women it's to do with weight gain, especially as you get later on in your pregnancy. The weight of having this giant uterus makes it difficult trying to get a comfortable position to sleep in.

So first things first, good sleep hygiene. And that one's for everyone. Phones away. None of this blue light at least an hour before you're sleeping.

Keep your sleep environment for sleeping. So if you can't sleep, get out of bed, go somewhere else, do something else. You can try a pillow between the legs to help that discomfort to make it easier to sleep on the side, because we do prefer
that pregnant women sleep on their side to maintain that blood flow, whereas if you're sleeping on your back, it may affect some of the blood flow.

There are also specific pregnancy pillows that mould around the shape of the bump.

Dr Rumbi

Dr and Midwife

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