How can I improve my sleep when I'm PMSing?

How can I improve my sleep when I'm PMSing?

It's a really common question to ask. There are two key ways. The first one is by balancing your blood sugar. So eating protein and fat with every meal and food. Focusing on the complex carbohydrates that I spoke about in the question about PCOS. So there's your brown varieties, brown pasta, brown rice, brown bread and root veggies things like sweet potato, butternut squash, complex carbohydrates can be really good for balancing blood sugar. The other thing to look out for is making sure you're getting enough magnesium. So an Epsom salt bath can be really lovely, maybe a bit of lavender to relax you before you go to bed and have some dark leafy green vegetables for dinner. So it's quite high in magnesium as well. Or after dinner, a little bit of dark chocolate kind of 85% or above cocoa. dipped in some peanut butter can be really delicious.

And I'm going to tie this in actually with another question, which is, why is dark chocolate great for your hormones? And again, this is partly because it's quite high in magnesium and also good source of antioxidants, which are really useful for hormonal health as well. So yeah, some dark chocolate dipped in nut butter in the evening or like a lovely mug of hot cacao or something can be really helpful for PMS as well.

Laura Mcdonald

Hormone and Fertility Nutritionist

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