How can I ease pain from sitting at a desk all day?

'I just started my very first full time job and I'm noticing a heck of a lot of pain from sitting in my desk chair all day. Do you have any more tips to reduce my pain?'

I'd say generally move more, that would be my number one tip. Sitting for seven and a half, eight hours at a desk does not undo with going a run for half an hour or walk for half an hour.

The more you can get in functional movement, the better. So when you stand up, maybe do a few squats, do some glute activation stretches and desk yoga etc.

If you can afford to invest to sit to stand desk where you can actually change your posture so you can actually prolong standing for a bit rather than prolonged sitting and vary that posture where you can walk to go and get drinks, to the printer, so you can stretch your legs as often as possible.

Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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