How can I develop a self-care routine?

This is a really great question. I feel like Instagram and social media have made us feel like self care needs to be really Instagram worthy, but it really doesn't. Asking yourself, what do you need and what do you want to get from having a self care routine?

For some people, self care is face masks and bubble baths. For others, it's taking their medication regularly or consistently. All forms of self care are completely valid in this setting.

So the first question to ask yourself is what's going to benefit you most? Then how long do you need in the ideal world? What resources do you need? And then how can you make all of that stuff happen, carving out regular time and making that self care non-negotiable. It happens regardless, so you can keep it happening consistently so that you can feel the benefit from it.

Check in with yourself. How does that 5, 10 minutes per day of headspace feel, or how does that going to bed half an hour earlier feel for you? Whatever you've chosen. How does that feel after a few days of trying it? Is it enough? Do you need more? Do you need a bit less? Do you need something different? What about the time of the day? How does that feel for you? Take the pressure of the outside world off of this self care routine and just allow yourself that time and that space to meet your own needs and see how you go. Keep reflecting and yeah, happy self care.

Katherine Glyde

Menstrual Wellbeing Coach

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