How can I deal with questions from my family during Christmas about my eating habits?

I would say with this, be really proactive yourself. So rather them feeling that you're walking into a situation where people can fire questions at you from all angles.

Rather, go in ahead and maybe communicate with the people who you're going to be seeing about what you feel able to talk about what you don't feel able to talk about so you can kind of set some boundaries so you don't feel completely like a kind of lamb to the slaughter and kind of vulnerable to whatever is thrown at you.

So I think communicate with people, tell them what you're happy to talk about or not talk about and tell them ways that they can be supportive of you. So this is really helpful and it will make you feel a bit more empowered and to be able to kind of stay on track with your recovery.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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