How can I avoid wrinkles?

How can I avoid wrinkles? So the number one way is to use an SPF this will prevent your skin getting any photo damage from the sun you can also try things like retinol which you would place every evening onto your skin and that will help avoid any wrinkles forming and help remove any signs of wrinkles that initially started.

If you then want to get some injectables you think about anti-wrinkle injections or Botox which just temporarily stop the muscle from moving, it lasts about six to nine months and will stop any lines forming. If you do have deeper lines and you wanted to eradicate them, then you can think about getting dermal fillers which just plump the skin up this depends whereabout the wrinkles are on the face but your medical professional can talk to you more about that.

Dr Kiran Gudray

Dentist & Skincare expert

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