How can I approach the conversation about being intimate with my partner who is affected with endo?

Talking about being intimate with your partner that has Endo or is affected by Endo is a really tough conversation to have, and there's no easy way to do it.

But the place to start is by being honest and maybe not so honest to say, like, I want to have sex and you can't have sex because you're in pain. But maybe start by asking them what you could do for them to make them feel more comfortable, what you could do for them to get them out of pain.

Maybe talk to them about the stuff that you could do that isn't intercourse. Start with massages. Start with foreplay and lots and lots and lots of foreplay. Sometimes it is too painful to have sex when you have Endo. There are lots of other fun things to do if you can't go the full way.

There's also pelvic floor therapy that you can go to. There's also things that you can use that pelvic physios can give you like dilators if there's vaginismus involved. There is a fantastic product on the market called an ohnut that prevents deep penetration, so that might be worth looking into. Get some toys involved, but just be honest and be open to what your partner with Endos says to you.

They may say that sex hurts them just way too much, but you need to be okay with that.

Jodie Hughes

Researcher & Charity Founder

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