Do I need to be applying the hypnotherapy exercises every day to see an improvement?

Do I need to do the hypnotherapy exercises every day?

What I recommend is, because you're changing the gut brain communication. Yes. Absolutely.

It's not a case of doing one, one or two sessions. It's about having hypotherapy sessions. But then in between that, yes, there's homework, which is really lovely homework not like maths homework, but that homework is listening to the audio deep relaxation breathing techniques because these things are necessary to create change, but also to create lasting change.

So I recommend a minimum of five times a week of doing the audio in between sessions. But then when you get to between eight to twelve weeks, then at that point, you won't need to do it anymore because you have changed and altered the gut brain communication and created that calmness within the nervous system and gut function will be returned to normal.

So at that point, then it's not something that you need to do, but certainly taking time to relax and be mindful of any stressful times in life. Anything that come up is just being aware that it's great to return to that relaxation. But yeah, there is some homework to do for two to three months.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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