Do I have to have an episiotomy?

This question is relating to episiotomy.

Is it something that we do routinely? And the answer is no. Episiotomy is not something which is done routinely. It's essentially a little snip done at the vaginal opening to make more space for the baby.

There has to be a clear indication. For example, if we're doing an instrumental delivery with forceps, then you need to create more room for the forceps to go in and help the baby to be delivered. And thus you do a episiotomy.

If the baby's shoulder is stuck and you need to create more room to do all your internal maneuvers to get the shoulder out then you may do an episiotomy, so be reassured that it's not something we just offer out willy nilly and do without indication. It's always when there is a strong indication for it.

Dr Rumbi

Dr and Midwife

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