Could relaxation therapy, counselling, or exercise help my IBS symptoms?

Could relaxation therapy, counselling or exercise help my IBS symptoms?

Now, there has been a rather interesting study that come out in the last few months talking about hypnotherapy and gut health, and it's really fascinating to find out that people have been benefiting from these types of therapy. It's quite new right now, but it's definitely an exciting place to be in terms of looking at maybe more holistic approaches when it comes to solving our IBS issues.

I also teach yoga and meditation, and I am a true believer in calming down the sympathetic nervous system, which is kind of our fight or flight. The reason why it's so important to kind of hold our nervous system accountable where we can is because when we are in this state of fight or flight, if you think of walking out in front of a car or being chased by a bear, your heart increases, you start to breathe heavier, you start to panic.

You start to get all of this energy source sent to your muscles so you can move really quickly to either escape that bear or to get out of the road if a speeding car is coming by.

But what can often happen is when we are constantly rushing around. We woke up late for work, we're stressed, we're stressed with home life, with work life, with personal life. Our flight is often heightened. And what happens when we're in this constant state is because the body needs this energy. It shuts down blood flow to the digestion. So it's really important to keep the body calm as much as we can, especially when digesting foods.

Simone Venner

Nutritionist specialising in IBS

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