Can laxatives cause eating disorders?

I say with this is just make sure that if you're taking laxatives that you are taking the prescribed dose and that you're taking them for the specific reason that they have been prescribed to manage the constipation.

If you're taking them in over the prescribed dose, you're starting to take them in excessive amounts. I guess that really indicates that it could be problematic your health, mentally and physically.

So if you find yourself doing that, definitely talk to your doctor or get some support with that, because I think once you're down that slippery slope of like taking more laxatives and wanting to fill that empty feeling that can be really destructive. And laxatives, overall, they don't actually work in terms of weight loss. You just lose more water.

And actually, over time, they can be incredibly damaging for your gut. So if you're tempted to go down that road, don't do it. Get support.

Harriet Frew

Eating Disorder Therapist

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