Can I use internal period products if i'm struggling with pelvic health physio?

Can you use tampons/cups and go to pelvic health physio? Absolutely no problem.

You can use your period products and go to pelvic health physio. If you're struggling to use period products. If you can't put in a menstrual cup or a tampon again, a pelvic physio maybe able to help you with that to set your pelvic floor and just sort of get you to relax.

Also, I think the most important thing pelvic health physios can do, or you can do yourself is to just have a little look at yourself, touch yourself, feel yourself and get used to what that feels like.

It's really important. We're not taught enough as a woman. So being able to know what's what will help you with being able to put products in or out.
Sarah Tella

Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

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