Can I take CBD with medication?

Can I take CBD with my regular medication?

Now, CBD is a biologically active compound. That means that it has known side effects but can also have some unknown consequences when we take it. It also means that it can have some interactions with the normal medications that we take things like herbal supplements over the counter medications and also prescribed meds that you may have been given by your doctor or specialist.

So the reason why it may interact is because medications including CBD are breaking down by the liver and the liver uses enzymes to help break down these medications. Now CBD can interact with other medications that can also interact with these enzymes, interfering how they work and also competing for the enzymes.

This can result in other medications either not working as well in the body and therefore not giving the desired effect that you need or retaining too much of the medication to the body and giving too much of an effect which can result in other problems and side effects from other medication supplements that you are taking. So really important, if you want to implement CBD into your day to day supplement that you do speak to your GP and ensure that it's not going to interact with your day to day medications or anything that you're taking over the counter supplement etc.
Dr Raj Arora

GP and Aesthetics Expert

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