Can gut directed hypnotherapy help me with my bloating and IBS symptoms?

Hypnotherapy can absolutely help reducing bloating.

The low FODMAP diet is often seen as the gold standard for IBS treatment. And really interestingly, Monash University, who developed the low FODMAP diet, also did a study looking at the effectiveness of gut directed hypnotherapy with absolutely zero changes to food versus the low FODMAP diet.

And what they found was a course of hypnotherapy was equally as effective as the low FODMAP diet, which is pretty phenomenal. So it's just a different way of reducing symptoms. So hypnotherapy works on changing the gut brain connection and easing symptoms.

That way, the low FODMAP diet looks at understanding and working out which of the foods the gut has become hyper sensitive to and removing those from the diet, but also remembering to do a reintroduction phase, which is something that is super important on a low FODMAP diet.

Studies show that hypnotherapy increases life satisfaction scores, so it makes people calmer and happier and feel more in control.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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