Are you for or against the use of tampons?

Are you for or against the use of tampons?

I want to say that I have nothing personally against tampons. Neither does Islam, and that is an individual choice that we can all make when we have all of the information.

Far too often, Muslims have a misunderstanding that tampons are religiously permissible because they believe that anything that enters into the vaginal canal before marriage is religiously impermissible. I want to make it super clear that nowhere in our Islamic tradition does the word tampon appear.

We do not have sexual intercourse with tampons in terms of us thinking it impacts our virginity. Tampons are used to help control and manage menstrual flow, so it is a menstrual hygiene product, and it is one of many that are available.

So whether or not you use them depends on your needs. When I've worked with parents, for example, I will recommend the girls start to use pads because it might be easier for them to get to know their flow.

And let's be honest, as teenagers, we can be forgetful, so we might forget to change our tampons, which we don't want to do.

But if you're older and you're comfortable with your period and you're comfortable with your body and you want to learn how to use tampons because you're super active or because you find them more comfortable, then by all means, I would recommend learning about tampons safety wise, physical wise with your body.

Understand that there are different tampons available and just try them out. And if you have any fear or shame that comes up with using tampons, it's so important to address those feelings you don't ever also want to feel pain when you use tampons.

So to answer the question, it is an individual choice and as a professional and as somebody who is using Islamic perspectives, tampons are not Haram. They are one option to help our menstrual cycle.

Sameera Qureshi

Sexual Health Expert

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