Are there foods to avoid/have more of with endo?

If you find that eating that you're getting really bloated and you've got loads of endo symptoms after you've eaten, it can be worth looking at your diet.

Don't cut out gluten completely unless you've been tested for celiac disease because that can cause more harm than good. But it can be worth cutting out wheat. Look at your pro inflammatory foods that you could be eating. So anything processed, sugar, fat, unhealthy fats, red meat and dairy.

And it may be worth looking at what you're eating and taking one of them food groups away and see if it makes any difference. If not, you don't have to cut it out. But there is some really exciting research that is about to happen and I can't wait for it. There's a PhD starting that is looking specifically at the Endo diet that is pushed everywhere. So that's really exciting and it may actually give us some answers. Don't believe anyone that tells you that doing this, this and this and this with your diet is going to cure your Endo. It's not.

It's so individualised that you have to do it, do the work yourself. Cut out certain fruits. If it makes a difference, then fantastic. Keep it out of your diet. But if it doesn't, then keep it. There's no point cutting out all food groups if you don't need to.

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