Are there any foods I can eat to help naturally calm down my period cramps?

Are there any foods that can help me reduce my period cramps?

Yes, they definitely are. No exact foods are going to solve all of your issues. But when we look at foods that are high in magnesium, magnesium is a well, it's a very important mineral. But one of the roles that it does is it helps relax muscle relaxance. So I definitely notice around my time of the month, I crave certain foods that are naturally higher in magnesium. So things like chocolate, anyone? Dark chocolate is a really good source of magnesium for many of us as women. It's something we can crave. It's very common for us to crave around those certain times of the month. Maybe a hot chocolate made with some cacao, some cinnamon in there and something that can be really delicious but also beneficial for us.

Pumpkin seeds adding things like pumpkin seeds into smoothies can be a really good one too. Dark leafy green is getting these foods into our diet can be a really good way of increasing that magnesium into our system as well as other fruits and vegetables and everything that kind of looks colourful that we know are going to be giving us extra nutrients. So adding magnesium into the diet you can also supplement with magnesium. Some people find that beneficial, especially a few days before their period. And then maybe during things like having a bath with Epsom salts, we absorb it through our bodies, especially through our feet.
Simone Venner

Nutritionist specialising in IBS

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