Are there any foods I can eat to help naturally calm down my period cramps?

Are there any foods I can eat help reduce period cramps?

Well, I would, first of all, be interested to know why you are experiencing these cramps. But as I don't know your diet or your healthy history, the first thing I would be recommending is to make sure you're having a diet full of nourishing foods full of whole food.

So swapping out processed foods for natural foods like ripe fruit, well cooked vegetables, good quality animal protein like your eggs, your dairy, seafood, shellfish, meat, organ meat, bone broth.

They're all good sources of bioavailable protein, and they also support the body in getting some saturated fats as well. Good quality saturated fats, including things like butter and egg yolks and the dairy products into your diet can help with good quality saturated fats that gives you a good range of fats, all your bone nutrients as well as minerals that your body needs.

That's kind of a foundational approach to your overall hormone health. But then I would also be looking in soybean oil and rapeseed oil and even things like omega supplements, having lots and lots of nuts and seeds in your diet.

These can all contribute to an overproduction of poly-saturated fats in the diet, which can lead to inflammatory hormones, which can have a direct impact on your overuse and your uterus. So they're the things that I would be looking to refuse so swap in sunflower and rapeseed oils, things like butter and coconut oil, even some good quality olive oil now and then.

Looking at the foods that you're eating. If you're eating package foods, hopefully reducing those processed foods and swapping them out for natural foods will reduce this. But just be cautious of the sources of these poly-unsaturated fats in your diet.

And then a thing a tea that I really like to use is red raspberry leaf tea. So I get the loose leaf tea so it's really therapeutic. And I have at least a teaspoon two tablespoon a day with some hot water and make a really nice tea. And that can really help with reducing the period cramps. And I have that every single day throughout my cycle.

Abby Foreman

Hormone & Metabolism Nutritionist

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