Are my gut issues psychological or a physical issue?

It can be hard to know if gut symptoms are psychological or physical, as the gut and the brain is so closely intertwined, they are always talking to each other.

It's often not one or the other. It will be a combination of factors. If you're worried about eating a particular food, it may be the worry that creates the digestive distress rather than the food itself, but also you can have a look at situations where if there's stress.

If work is stressful, is there a pattern of digestive disturbances? Is it different on the weekend? Is your gut much happier when you're relaxed on holiday?

So if your gut is better when you're in a relaxed state, then yes, there's likely to be some element of psychological symptoms there. But yeah, it won't be purely one or the other.

It will be an interplay between the two. And yet it's sometimes hard to decipher.

Helen Brooks

Clinical Hypnotherapist

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