Any top tips for keeping periods regular and healthy?

Any top tips for keeping periods regular and healthy?

My top tips for healthy regular periods is to nourish your body every single day, eating carbs, protein and saturated fats at every single meal. So making sure you have a good breakfast, a solid lunch, and a nourishing dinner.

Sleep is also key for getting 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep each night and then being aware of how you treat your body and manage your body throughout your cycle.

Exercise is a huge stressor and over-exercising is a massive culprit to hormonal issues. I recommend weight training like body weight training, like yoga, even nature walks, and then make sure you have some downtime when you're bleeding because your body is using a lot of energy during this time.

So even if you're not tired, it's still important to nurture that energy and restore that energy for the rest of your cycle. And each cycle you nurture will have an accumulative impact on the next cycle.

Abby Foreman

Hormone & Metabolism Nutritionist

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