The Comfort Bundle

The Comfort Bundle
The Comfort Bundle
The Comfort Bundle
The Comfort Bundle

The Comfort Bundle

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BeYou Patch

Feel the cooling power of nature as the two key active ingredients, Menthol and Eucalyptus Oils, release over 12 hours, offering continuous and discreet relief all day long. Made with all-natural and vegan ingredients, the patches are fast-acting and discreet, containing absolutely no artificial colours.

non greasy like other anti chafing products such as talcum powder and glide

Anti-Chafing Cream

An all-natural cream formula designed to create a silky smooth non-greasy veil over the skin which is resistant to water and sweat, preventing irritation and rubbing. The inclusion of special ingredient, Colloidal Silver, means the friction-free cream is also antibacterial and skin healing, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your skin is protected.

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period cramps and period pain patches, menstrual cups and cbd for endometriosis

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