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This path we’re on is bigger than us...

We believe we can't just create natural products, we need to change perceptions.

Why should periods be something to feel embarrassed about? Why is it always whispered? We want to empower you to be able to talk openly about periods - if you want to - the point is that it should be YOUR choice. And while we’re at it, why are natural products so often deemed inferior? We want to help bury the taboo and increase the understanding and appreciation of all that is natural about a woman. That is our calling. And we’ll be working hard to fight for it.

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If you’re selected to join Team BeYou, you’ll join an open conversation with fellow fans, participating in discussions about all things period and body positive with the opportunity to take part in our upcoming marketing activities. In return, all we ask is that you are a genuine advocate of the brand who has purchased from us at least 3 times, that you are happy to spread the word about BeYou on your social channels on a regular basis and that you'd be proud to add Team @BeYou to your Insta bio.


You didn’t think we wouldn’t reward our most loyal customers, did you? If you’re selected to be part of our Ambassador team, you’ll have access to a whole host of exciting exclusives including;
  • Invites to future meet-up events where you can get to know your fellow Ambassadors
  • First look at new product launches… we want your honest opinions!
  • BeYou branded merchandise – everyone loves a freebie after all!
  • The opportunity to take part in photoshoots and create content for BeYou channels
  • Influence over future campaigns – we’ll listen to you!


To apply be a BeYou Ambassador, all we need you to do is fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch if you’re successful! Our only requirement is that you only apply to be part of the team if you have already used the BeYou patches and genuinely love them – after all, how can you spread the word about a product you haven’t tried? We'll look for at least 3 purchases of our products before we consider progressing your application!
Note: This is not a paid collaboration opportunity – for all business enquiries please contact us at

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