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FAQS - Patches

Using The Patch

  • 1.How do I put it on?
    • The instructions are on the back of the pack, and on the product page. Simply take a patch out of the packet (and reseal it). Peel the back off, and place it where the pain is. Most women get period cramps on the belly (lower abdomen) so that’s a good place to start if you are unsure.

  • 2.What does it feel like?
    • When you place the patch on your skin, you may feel a cool, tingling sensation where you’ve placed the patch. That’s nothing to worry about, it just means it’s working! 😊

      Pro Tip: It can take 20-30mins before you start feeling "the tingle" / cooling sensation.

      Every woman is different though, so if you don’t feel a tingle, that doesn’t mean its not working – give it some time and see how you feel.

  • 3.Does it burn?
    • No. However, the initial ‘tingle’ can be quite an odd experience, “but in a good way!” This feeling doesn’t last all day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not working.

  • 4.What does it smell like?
    • You will smell the Eucalyptus and menthol once you open the package. It’s the soothing, natural smell of both plants.

  • 5.How long can I keep it on?
    • You can keep the patch on for as long as you want. However, as the effectiveness wears off before the 12 hour mark, it’s generally best to take it off and replace it with a new one.

  • 6.Is it safe to put on a second patch straight after removing the first one?
    • Yes. In fact, it’s one of the advantages of an all natural product! Many of the females in our tests have worn one patch during the day, and put another one on just before going to sleep. A few extreme sufferers changed the patch 2-3 times a day.

  • 7.Is it safe to wear more than one patch at a time?
    • Yes. Some women who want to cover a larger area can safely use multiple patches in one go.

  • 8.How do I know if I’ve put it on properly?
    • Ensure you’ve applied the patch evenly over the epicenter of the pain. It’s just like wearing a plaster!

  • 9.Can I sleep with it on?
    • Yes. As you know, period cramps can cause sleepless nights. Applying a patch just before going to bed can help you get a good night’s rest.

  • 10.Can I wear it while having sex?
    • Yes, but your partner will definitely smell the eucalyptus (if he/she doesn’t mind)!

  • 11.Can I wear it to the gym?
    • Yes, you can wear it at the gym. It is very unlikely that the patch will come off whilst exercising.

  • 12.Can I wear it in the shower?
    • Yes. In fact, if you have some hair on the area you have applied it, you may find it easier to peel off when you’re in the shower when the plaster is wet.

  • 13.Can I wear it swimming?
    • No, we advise not to as getting the plaster wet in the swimming pool could reduce its effectiveness.

  • 14.What if I’m allergic to any of the ingredients?
    • If you are allergic to either eucalyptus, menthol, or plasters, we advise you do not use our product. If you are not sure, we advise testing it out on a small area first. If any irritation arises please take the patch off immediately and seek medical help.

  • 15.I have sensitive skin, can I wear it?
    • Everything in the patch is natural so unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients, you shouldn’t get any irritation. However, if you do suffer from extremely sensitive skin, we advise you test it out on a small area first.

      Pro Tip: If you have sensitive skin, you can still use the patch, but we advise taking the patch off in the shower (once it has become wet) as the water will make it really easy to take off (so any irritation should be minimised).

  • 16.Can I use it when I’m not on my period?
    • Yes you can - the science still holds!

  • 17.I have endometriosis, will the patch still help with my cramps?
    • Yes! Countless women with endometriosis have told us our patch has been a life saver for them. If you're still not convinced, give it a try and see for yourself!

  • 18.I have PCOS, will the patch still help with my cramps?
    • Yes! We've had women from all over the UK tell us the BeYou period patch has helped with their severe cramps. 

Product Details

  • 1.How do BeYou Period Cramp Relief patches work?
    • The patches work by easing the muscular tension which causes period cramp pain. The two ingredients, eucalyptus oil and menthol have a number of properties which make them perfectly suited to help with period cramp pain. Eucalyptus oil is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and a natural vasodilator - all of which make it perfect for period cramps. Menthol also has natural antinociceptive properties which results in hyperpolarization. Together they can help soothe your period cramps, effectively, and for a sustained period of time.

  • 2.Why are there 5 patches in one pack?
    • We wanted to ensure you have enough for the most painful days of your period.

  • 3.I have really bad period cramps. How do I know BeYou will work for me?
    • Many women (including some in our trials and focus group) get severe cramps. So much so, that they are often bed bound during their period, prescribed powerful painkillers and sometimes even hospitalised. All of these girls said it really helped them get through their day. While they don’t want to be named, they were adamant that if it could work for them, it can work for anyone!

  • 4.What are the patches made out of?
    • The fabric is a naturally derived medical grade polymer blend. The adhesive is a blend of naturally derived resins and rosin esters.

  • 5.Does it come in different sizes?
    • At the moment the BeYou Period Cramp Relief patch only comes in one size. While there is no smaller size, if you need more coverage, you can always use multiple patches to cover the affected area.

  • 6.Is it really all natural?
    • Yes, all ingredients used that touch your skin is 100% natural The plaster itself is a naturally derived medical grade polymer blend, and the adhesive is a blend of naturally derived resins and rosin esters. We are always looking to improve our product though, so watch this space!

  • 7.How is it different from a hot water bottle?
    • The heat from a hot water bottle can do wonders to ease muscular tension. However, it can be inconvenient to carry one around, and keep filling it up every couple of hours. The BeYou Period Cramp Relief Patch just stays in place and can provide up to 12 hours of relief, so you don’t have to keep changing it! The patch is so thin and lightweight, it’s easy to even forget it’s there!

      N.B. Even if you love your hot water bottle, we advise not use them at the same time, or over the patches. And if you feel any irritation, please remove the patch immediately and seek medical advise.

  • 8.How is it different from Paracetamol / Nurofen / Ibuprofen / Feminax / etc?
    • All of those are chemicals put together in a lab. The BeYou Period Cramp Relief Patch is 100% natural, and has no added chemicals. Also, because of the way tablets are absorbed, you will likely find the patch helps soothe cramps faster and for longer, as it quickly gets absorbed through the skin.

  • 9.Is the BeYou period patch vegan friendly and cruelty free?
    • Yes! We insisted on this throughout the manufacturing process and are in the process of acquiring the relevant accreditations 😊

  • 10.Where are BeYou patches manufactured?
    • The BeYou patches are manufactured in a state of the art factory in India.

  • 11.Where can I buy BeYou patches?
    • We are increasingly being stocked in more pharmacies and stores across the UK. However, in the meantime, you can buy directly through our website.

  • 12.How long do the patches last once I open the pack?
    • The patches are fine for 3 years from the date of manufacture. The manufactured date will be printed on the back of your pack. However, once the pack is opened and oxygen gets in, the effectiveness of the patches can be reduced. Therefore, it is important to always re-seal the pack once it has been opened.

Removal & Disposal

  • 1.What happens if it comes off? Can I put it back on?
    • Our patches don’t generally fall off. If, for some reason, your patch does become loose or falls off, we always advise using a new one. This is because they are designed to stay put. The primary reason it might fall off or not stick properly is if the area you are putting it on is too wet, or has become wet (e.g. in the shower or excessive sweating). If it is because of sweat, then the likelihood is that the same patch won’t stick back on as it has already lost its integrity.

  • 2.Will it remove my hair when I take it off?
    • Yes it will so don’t pull it off hard, this isn’t a wax strip! Gently hold the skin and peel it off slowly. Having said that, you can use some warm water to help remove it, or you can just peel it off slowly in the shower.

  • 3.How do I dispose of the patch when I’m done with it?
    • Just throw it in the bin! We generally advise people to fold the patch in on itself so it doesn’t get stuck to the side of bin.

  • 4.Can I reuse a patch?
    • No, our patches are made for one use.

  • 5.Is it recyclable?
    • Not yet. It’s actually a lot more difficult than it sounds, but we are looking into it.

Orders & Shipping

  • 1.Can I change the date I get charged each month?
    • Yes. Login to your account. From here click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’ on the left hand side.  You will now see a table with your subscription information. In the ‘Actions’ column in the table, click the green ‘EDIT’ button. Here you will see the ‘next charge’ date - simply choose the date of the next charge and click 'save'. You will now be charged on that day each month.

  • 2.Can I change my delivery date?
    • Kind of! Your delivery should arrive a few days after the charge date (because delivery is free, we ship it 2nd class). Simply change the charge date in your ‘Manage Subscriptions’ portal. We advise setting it to a few days before you want your patches to arrive.

  • 3.Can I skip my next delivery?
    • Yes you can. You can either do this from your account, or get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

  • 4.How can I cancel my subscription?
    • Just log into your account and hit cancel! You can also get in touch with us and a member of our team will be happy to help. 

Other Topics

  • 1.I love the product. Can I sell BeYou patches in my store?
    • Yes you can! We’re still a young company so we’re always looking for more stores to stock our product (and future ones as well). Just get in touch with us and a member of our team will get back to you.

  • 2.What is an Ambassador and how do I get involved?
    • Ambassadors are our superheroes. They stay true to themselves, and help us get the word out. Not just about our products, but about the benefits of all things natural - that includes helping us break the taboo surrounding periods. We wouldn’t be anywhere without them! They also get involved with all sorts of activities ranging from events to marketing campaigns. To find out more, head over to the ambassador page and get in touch!

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