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BeYou Cooling Period Cramp Relief Patch

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it’s not a miracle cure, but…

…if it helps you, you will never look back!

Released over 12 hours

Release Profile

Release Profile

Our patches release the menthol and eucalyptus oils over 12 hours. This means no more refilling hot water bottles ever 2 hours (not to mention it is advisable to take a break from heat sources every 30mins), and certainly no mess from oils or balms getting stuck to your clothing!

Apply in the morning before school, work, or whatever your plans are. Then pop one on in before you sleep!

Patch Layers

Patch Layers

Patch Layers

1- Fabric: Made from a proprietary medical-grade polymer blend

2- Adhesive: Made from a blend of natural resins and rosin esters (it's actually tree sap!)

3- Proprietary blend of steam-distilled eucalyptus and menthol oils.

4- Release liner created from platinum coated paper.

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