BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream

Anti-Chafing Cream
anti chafing cream for chafing thighs
chub rub is another name for chafing and anti chafing products
saddle sore cream is another name for chub rub
chub rub and chafing cream for chafing thighs
Anti-Chafing Cream
anti chafing cream for chafing thighs
chub rub is another name for chafing and anti chafing products
saddle sore cream is another name for chub rub
chub rub and chafing cream for chafing thighs

BeYou Anti-Chafing Cream

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anti friction to prevent chafing from repeated rubbing and irritated skin

Anti-friction Formula

Our all natural Anti-Chafing Cream is formulated to feel silky smooth on the skin and protect irritated areas. Whether its thigh chafing or under-boob, we've got you covered!

Say no to 'lifehacks' like talc, or deodorant (which are actually made to dry out your skin, making things worse)


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Our Chafing Cream Explained

thigh chafing and chub rub and thigh rubbing causes microtears in the skin

Soreness and irritation occurs when skin rubs together causing microtears in the skin

anti chafing cream for chub rub and friction of skin like chafing thighs

It gets worse! As your thighs continue to rub they sweat due to the heat caused by friction (obviously!)

what causes sore thighs and thighs rubbing together in the heat

As the moisture evaporates to help cool you down, it leaves behind salt crystals

stop thighs rubbing together and pain when chafing

With continued movement these salt crystals GRIND against your skin causing further damage and soreness

chafing cream for chafing when wearing dress and thighs rubbing when wearing dress | better than anti chafe shorts

Our Chafing Cream creates a lightweight, non-greasy barrier which actively works to reduce friction

non greasy chafing cream that reduces friction and chub rub with barrier

Our proprietary matrix of natural ingredients locks in the moisture (thus preventing salt crystals from forming) and keeps skin hydrated while allowing it to breathe

prevent chafing thighs and stop thighs rubbing instead of talc or deodorant

When you're already chafed (or you missed a spot), our chafing cream keeps your skin well-hydrated to help it heal faster. The other ingredients are also ultra-nourishing and easily absorbed


So, I was wondering...

  • Can't I just use deodorant or talc?

    Both Deodorant and Talc are actually made to dry your skin out, so it doesn’t make a long-lasting chafe barrier, whereas our chafing cream has a number of uniquely hydrating properties which you can't find in roll-ons and other chafing products. No to mention it's 100% natural and much kinder on your skin.
  • Can I only use this chafing cream on thighs?

    NO! You can use our chafing cream anywhere you have chafing / where your skin rubs. During our testing phase - and now that it's in the wild - people are using it for underboob, nipple chafing, chin, knees - we've even heard from some girls in STEM that they use it on their wrists to prevent chafing against their laptops! haha
  • Is it really totally natural?

    Yes! We spent over a year going formulating, developing and trialling our chafing cream to ensure we had the best high-performance ingredients nature had to offer in the fight against chafing! Each ingredient was especially chosen for the various aspects our chafing cream needs to do. Eventually, we created the right mix of all-natural ingredients that could help both prevent chafing and also soothe the skin. Unlike other chafing products, or 'lifehack' products we're all used to, there are no nasties in the BeYou Anti Chafing Cream, meaning you can be confident you're getting the best nature has to offer. From reducing friction, to keeping the skin hydrated, to nourishing it, all while being naturally anti-bacterial. Nature is the best!!
  • Is this chafing cream Vegan?

    Yes! Just like ALL BeYou products (with the exception of our CBD balm)
  • Is this chafing cream cruelty free?

    Yes! Just like ALL BeYou products :)