Product Information

  • 1.How fast does CBD work?
    • Our products are recommended for use, by placing the drops or spray under the tongue (sublingual). This means the nutrients are absorbed faster into the blood stream. Regular intake ensures that the level of CBD you need is present in your system.

  • 2.Why are different carrier oils used in the drops and spray products?
    • Choosing the right carrier oil make a world of difference – our Oral Drops contain Hemp Seed Oil. Hemp Seeds are rich in healthy fats and essential fatty acids and a great protein source. Our Spray products use MCT (Coconut) Oil, another great carrier oil which is easily absorbed, with little to no flavour, however this works better in the spray as it is thinner than most oils.

  • 3.Do CBD Drops and Spray taste unpleasant?
    • Some people really like the natural flavour of CBD, while others prefer a sweeter zest. To cater to all tastes, we offer our Drops and Sprays in three flavours: Natural, Lemon and Berry.

      An additional factor worth mentioning is the carrier oil for our sublingual products. The thicker hemp seed carrier oil used in our Oral Drops will enhance the cannabis flavour, while the lighter MCT oil in our Oral Spray may prove a better fit for people less appreciative of the natural taste.

  • 4.Does your CBD range contain THC?
    • The BeYou CBD range contains 0% THC. If you would like to see a breakdown of your CBD then you can check your batch report online.

  • 5.i've used CBD before and don't like the taste!
    • We sell Lemon and Berry flavoured CBD which you might find more preferable! These are naturally flavoured however so don't have the super sweet fruity flavour of some products but definitely less 'hempy' than a Natural CBD! Alternatively, we also sell a topical CBD Balm which can be applied directly to a specific area for a more targeted effect. 

  • 6.Is it normal that CBD makes my throat itchy?
    • A scratchy or itchy throat is a common side effect of using CBD. Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do in production to lessen this effect however the spray nozzle does mean this is more common in our Sprays products than Drops due to the way the oil can hit the back of the throat. We would suggest spraying against the side of the cheek then holding under the tongue to help with this.

Correct Usage

  • 1.How much CBD is right for me?
    • Everyone is different, and your body may need a bit of time in order to correctly absorb CBD. Our most satisfied customers take around 40-120mg a day with the average being 70mg. We recommend starting off with 70mg a day for one week and then increasing or decreasing by 20mg as you see fit. You can find more about how to get the right dosage for you, here. 

  • 2.How long will a 30ml bottle of CBD last?
    • This can vary from person to person as it depends on your daily dosage. However, one bottle should last for 30 days of continual use, accounting for the suggested daily intake.

  • 3.Which CBD product in the BeYou range should I use?
    • Different customers have different needs, so BeYou responds to all through a varied portfolio of products. For quick and long-lasting cannabinoid effects, our sublingual sprays and drops offer a quick boost throughout the day. For a localised effect, our muscle balm is easy to apply.

  • 4.Can I take CBD with my medication?
    • This is one question we receive often and there is no 'yes' or 'no' answer for it. It entirely depends on how CBD reacts to different medication you might be taking. According to the World Health Organisation, CBD is completely safe. CBD has low toxicology reports and there is no evidence to suggest having abuse potential. However, it’s important to consider the effects of introducing different chemicals into the body. We advise speaking to a medical expert if you are concerned about taking CBD with your medication. 


  • 1.What does Broad Spectrum CBD mean?
  • 2.What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?
    • When processing hemp, we can retain other hemp compounds, as well as other cannabinoids along with CBD. This means our hemp extract reflects the natural content of Cannabis sativa.  

  • 3.What does sublingual mean?
    • The BeYou Oral Drops and Sprays come with a clear recommendation for sublingual intake. This simply means taken under the tongue. This is one of the best ways for substances to be absorbed into the bloodstream, directly through the blood vessels under the tongue. Other supplements are formulated to be taken sublingually. This ensures a faster and more efficient solution than ingestion, lowering the risk of degrading them by stomach acid, bile, or by digestive enzymes. We recommend you keep the oils and sprays under the tongue until they are fully absorbed.

Safety Information

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