So you’re ready to try CBD! Now what? 

So you’re ready to give this CBD stuff a try! After all, so many of your friends have sworn by this stuff and why not? But now you’re in this whole ‘in-between stage’ of your CBD journey, you’ve started your research, but you still haven’t tried it.

You’ve read up all about our CBD oils and delved into our posts about CBD – when it comes to knowing about CBD, you’re ready to get going! 

You understand that because our CBD contains 0% THC, you won’t get any of the psychotropic or those ‘high’ effects known from THC? CBD comes from a hemp plant, a cousin to the marijuana plant – they’re not the same thing, which is why CBD is legal in the UK.

Okay, you know your stuff - there’s no doubt about it! So let’s cut straight to it!

CBD oils, CBD bath salts and CBD natural range for period pain

Which CBD strength should I take? 

As you get ready to try CBD, you’ll quickly notice that our CBD is presented differently to others on the market. That’s because we’ve taken CBD and made it as simple as possible for you to understand, whether you’re opting for a higher CBD strength or how much CBD you should be taking per day. 

The strength of our CBD range is simply presented in mg of CBD within each 30ml bottle. Having done much research and understanding, we believe this representation makes it clearer and simpler for you when it comes to working out how much CBD to take within a day and how to achieve that using our different applicators: CBD drops or CBD spray. Our simple CBD Dosage Guide, explains exactly what you need to know about the amount of CBD you should take.

CBD Drops vs CBD Spray? 

Choosing your CBD application comes down to the most effective way that your system absorbs it. Most of our CBD products are taken under the tongue (sublingually) to be absorbed effectively by your blood vessels.

You can choose to take CBD drops by using a pipette or CBD spray, or both, with our CBD dual applicator. Prefer to give a few gentle sprays into your mouth, or rather some quick drops under your mouth, don’t stress about it! Both options will get you your daily CBD dose!

The exact measurements to take with your chosen applicator are explained in our handy CBD dosage guide found in your CBD order.

Our CBD comes in flavours!

Let’s be honest; the CBD taste isn’t for everyone! Some love the natural flavour of CBD oil, while others not so much! We prefer to give you a choice first. Using natural extracts, you can choose from our three different CBD flavours, available with every strength. Sweeten up your day with our berry flavour CBD, grab a fresh start to the day with our Lemon flavoured CBD, or keep it plain and simple with the Natural CBD flavour.

How much CBD should I take?

Now for the question on everyone’s minds: how much CBD should you take? Countless research and studies have been put into finding the optimum CBD dosage, and what we have gathered is that everyone is unique and will experience different results and benefits from using CBD.

Our advice is to start with 70mg of CBD every day. If after a week you’re not satisfied, send us a message, and we can help take it from there! 

When will I notice a difference with CBD?

It’s normal, you take something new, and you expect to notice a difference instantly! Like most things in life, adjusting to a new routine does take time.

Our CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation; it’s a journey to getting to know what works best for you. Try taking CBD for a week; seeing how you take to your new routine and then if you’re not satisfied, drop us a quick message and we can support you along the way! We know our CBD like the back of our hand: you’re in safe hands!

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