Making the most of your CBD Oral Spray

Find yourself lost in a sea of CBD? Don’t worry we understand. There are a number of methods to take CBD and it can be overwhelming finding out which is best for you. Because the CBD world is growing so quickly many people rush to the newest product rather than doing their research. In this blog, we’re going back to basics to explain how to use a CBD Oral Spray. 

Taking CBD Oral Oils 

The BeYou CBD Oral Spray falls under the category of CBD oral oils. Generally, CBD Oral Drops tend to be the most popular with CBD newbies. If you’re still new to CBD check out this handy beginner’s guide. At BeYou, we believe the spray format for taking CBD is not only great for measuring your daily dosage but is also so convenient. Here’s why… 

Easy-peasy application 

The main reason why we love the CBD Spray option is because of how easy it is to use. Simply take off the cap and twist the nozzle to direct the spray of the CBD. Then spray the CBD oil underneath the tongue and let the CBD be absorbed. It is that simple! We understand that you’re a 24/7 kind of gal that’s why we have made the BeYou CBD Spray perfect for on the go. 

Also, it’s totally discreet. We understand that e-liquids aren’t for everyone and oral drops can be a little messy. The BeYou CBD Oral Sprays make taking CBD simple, so you don’t have to make a song and dance when using it. 


We ensure there is absolutely no THC in the BeYou CBD Oral Spray. No THC means that it is completely legal, safe to use and of course, it won’t make you high. 

Tracking your dosage 

If you’re unsure what your ideal CBD dosage is, check out this handy guide. The spray function of the CBD Oral Spray makes measuring your CBD dosage, you guessed it, so easy! It can be hard to measure your dosage with topical products. Our CBD Spray provides consistent amounts of CBD per spray meaning you can accurately track your CBD intake.  

Fast Absorption 

The CBD Oral Spray allows for fast absorption as it is applied sublingually or underneath the tongue. Spraying the CBD Oral Spray under the tongue means it can reach your circulatory system faster than it being swallowed or applied on to the skin. This process can also be described as bioavailability or the amount of a compound that makes it to your circulatory system. The CBD Spray allows for a greater surface area absorption which increases its bioavailability. 

Three tasty flavours 

If you aren’t keen on CBD Oral Drops, you will be pleased to hear that the BeYou CBD Oral Spray evenly distributes the oil, minimising the oily texture. Both the BeYou CBD Oral Drops & Sprays come in three flavours: Natural, Berry and Lemon. They are formulated with all-natural flavourings, meaning you can take full advantage of the CBD Oral Spray. 

MCT Oil 

The BeYou CBD Oral Spray uses MCT (Coconut) oil as its carrier oil. MCT Oil enhances the all natural flavourings while masking the hempy taste, making the CBD Oral Spray tasty and palatable. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! Drop us a message on our live chat, the BeYou Team would love to answer your questions. Or you can hop on over to our CBD FAQ page.

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