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Try it everywhere

Experiment with different locations as to where the patch is placed to find your perfect spot. Lasts for up to 12 hours

Lower than expected
Cut in half
Front & back
On your thighs
Get your Endometriosis Diagnosis kit

BeYou has partnered with the Menstrual Health Project & medical experts in collecting relevant information and developments regarding endometriosis to help bring to you all that you need when it comes to getting a diagnosis for suspected endometriosis.

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Real Talk

Everyone is different and our bodies all work in different ways, we can't promise a miracle solution. Most people with endo find the patches help reduce the number of painkillers (making a huge impact on mood).

Female diseases have been underfunded for too long

We believe in the positive impact that research & studies can have on bringing about change within the medical field. BeYou is working alongside the Menstrual Health Project and UK charities in collecting feedback that contributes to further research and developments regarding endometriosis & chronic illnesses.

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All of our Gurus are qualified and registered women's health experts. Whether you need advice on general wellness, managing pain & symptoms or support through key life stages (such as puberty, fertility, pregnancy, menopause) our Gurus are here for you.

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